How Did Niagara Falls Get Its Name ?  

There is a long story associated with the name of Niagara Falls. The origin of the name of this place has a lot to do with the native species or tribes that used to accommodate here. It was the tribe called as the ‘Onguiaahra’ which was actually the first tribe to get inhabited at this particular place. River Niagara was named after this tribe itself and then several other things too came into place.

When the French explorers came to this place, they gave the Indian tribe living here a name called’ Neutrals’ just because of the fact that they always used to maintain peace and harmony among people living with them. There were basically tow warring nations known as the Iroquois and the Huron's.

As far as the name ‘Niagara Falls’ goes, it was named after the tribe itself which was taken as Neutrals but were basically called the ‘Ongniaahra’ which literally means thunders of waters. Then several modifications came into play and the names kept on changing. Some of the major suggestions regarding the names included ‘Ongiarah’, ‘Ongniaraha’, and ‘Ouinagarah’.

This was something regarding the origin of the name of this place but there are several other aspects associated to this place. History says a lot about it and has even got proofs to let people know some of the most interesting facts about this place. One can search over the internet for any possible information about this place or the nearby places to visit at it comes on top of every tourist destinations’ list.

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How Did Niagara Falls Get Its Name ?




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How Did Niagara Falls Get Its Name ? )
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