How Did Delaware Get Its Name ?  

Delaware was recognized as the primary state rectifying the constitution of the US on 7th December, 1787. Prior to this recognition, the state appeared to be the only colony that was claimed by England, Holland and Sweden. It is estimated that much before these, the state was explored by some Egyptians. As far as the process of naming Delaware is concerned, it is important to note that the state as well as the Indians was named after the river called Delaware.

It is also important to know the basis how this river got its name. The river was named after the first Governor of Virginia, Sir Thomas West. Though the state is known by the name of Delaware but there are several nicknames that have been provided to this state. ‘Blue Hen Chicken’ is one such nickname that originated at the time of the Revolutionary War. The descendants of a very popular Blue Hen were famous for their fighting qualities that were superlative. So on the basis of these chickens and hen, the state began to be called by this name. This soon spread throughout the state. Blue Hen Chicken was soon adopted as the official bird of this state in the year 1939.

Peach State is another such nickname provided to this state. It is said in the 1600s, there were a large number of peaches being grown in this state and thus, farmers started feeding their pigs with these peaches. This state became the state with the highest production of peaches and hence, earned its nickname, the Peach State.

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How Did Delaware Get Its Name




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How Did Delaware Get Its Name ? )
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