List Of Attractions At The Walt Disney World Resort  

Disney World, as it is popularly known the world over, is a theme park, which is located in Lake Buna Vista in Florida. The name Disney is one that most children and adults relate to immediately with wonder, fun, fantasy, magic, excitement and relaxation. It is a dream of most children to visit this park at least once in order to enjoy all that is in there and carry bags of tales and good memories back with them. There are still those few who crib about the traffic, crowd and the artificiality in the things around, but none of these affect the minds of the little ones.

Walt Disney World is a resort enjoyed by people of different age groups. The attractions make the trip worthwhile for adults and children alike. The place is full of rides which can be thrilling and exciting. The beach offers relaxation and recuperation for the not so adventurous people, and the golfers will not miss their course back home with the well laid out course here. Simply put, one has to try very hard to get bored and not enjoy this place with the variety of options open to the tourists.

The major attractions are four theme parks which include:

  • The Magic Kingdom: This is the oldest and most visited park in the world with a turn-around of 17 million tourists annually comprising the most attractive rides and things for children. 
  • Epcot: This is a fair displaying cultures and innovations in technology from the world over.
  • Hollywood Studios: The attractions here revolve around television and movies representing the Hollywood which never was.
  •  Animal Kingdom: This houses live exhibits of animals and amusing rides.  It is a good amalgamation of a zoo and theme park. 


The water parks in Disney World are equally attractive. These are the Typhoon Lagoon and The Blizzard Beach. The ingredient which makes these parks attractive and one of the largest crowd pullers is the usage of apt themes.

If one is not keen only on the outdoor rides and attractions, other options are also available like the 2 centers for entertainment and shopping, Disney’s Broadway and Downtown Disney. One can dine, watch shows and even pick up gifts or souvenirs for friends and relatives at the outlets here.

Other activities to suit the taste of those wanting to enjoy their time luxuriously are  tennis, boating, golf,  race cars, health clubs, spas, tour of the backstage, sport events, dining with characters and much more.

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List Of Attractions At The Walt Disney World Resort


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