When Did Maine Become A State ?  

It is assumed that in the year 1498, two British Men John Cabot (Father) and Sebastian Cabot (Son) landed at the coast of Maine for the first time. Though, they were the first on this land, but did not settled in Maine. The English got settled in Maine after a century that is considered to be after the year 1623.

After this, Maine saw a series of bloodshed and blunder throughout the State. In the year 1775 the first innovative war took place that used the naval forces along the coast of Maine. This year saw a sequence of fights in which Falmouth (Portland in Modern America) was completely burned by the British.

After the British left, Maine came under the flagship of Massachusetts. Maine was under this state for a very longer period till when William King an Advocate by profession helped the state to gain independence from Boston, Massachusetts. Finally, Maine got its independence and William King was made the first Governor of the State by the people.

After a prolonged struggle, Maine was declared as 23rd State of the United States on 15th March 1820. Maine started developing quickly after independence focusing on the major industry sectors that were available in Maine. Agriculture and fishing were the two major sectors that were paid attention. Maine has a list of infamous people that gave their contribution for the welfare of the Mainers and whole of the United States.

Today Maine is well known for producing Blueberries that counts to 98 percent of the whole country thus making Maine the largest producer of blueberries. Maine is also one among the largest producers of potatoes, dairy products and poultry. Maine has its major region covered with forest that accounts to almost 89 percent of the area and leads production of wooden products such as tooth picks, boats and furniture throughout the globe. Fishermen in Maine had a record of delivering 63 million lobsters in the year 2005, a flourishing business in Maine.

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When Did Maine Become A State




Facts-About-Maine      There are a few interesting facts about Maine which everyone should know. Maine was declared as 23rd state of the US on March 15, 1820, and it is the only state which has only one syllable in its name. Maine shares its border only with New Hampshire State in United States and with neighboring country Canada. More..




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