Traditional Argentina Clothing  

Argentina is a beautiful land with a diversified culture and tradition. This is because Argentina had been severely influenced by many countries like Italy, Germany, Spain and UK. The Spanish people were the immediate oppressors of the country.

Argentina got its freedom from Spain in the year 1816 AD. Therefore, the effects of the cultures and traditions can always been felt on the Argentineans. The dress, as it is quite expected, has also been influenced by the other cultures. However, the country has some understandings about their dress codes also. It is observed that this dress code is different in cities and villages. The people in the cities put on dress that resembles very closely to that of Australians. It consists of formal dress of shirts, trousers, and coat. Whereas, the people in the villages put on traditional gaucho dresses. It is the dress of the traditional cowboys.

It, generally, consists of a wide brimmed hat (Also known as the cowboy hats), a poncho, a loose pair of trousers. This pair of trousers is essentially tucked inside the long gumboots. This traditional gaucho dress is influenced by the gaucho people who live in the area of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay- three main countries of the Latin America.

The Argentineans also put on a certain kind of shoes that is made of ropes and strong canvas. These shoes are also very popular in the country, as many inhabitants of Argentina prefer these shoes very much. Another kind of trouser, known as bombachas, is made of strong black cloth. It is also a very preferred cloth for the Argentineans.

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Traditional Argentina Clothing




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Traditional Argentina Clothing )
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