Bolivia Traditional Dress  

Bolivian dress is more conservative and less formal. Like in many parts of the world, people need protection from the weather; therefore the type of climate influences the type of clothes that people wear.

Bolivia has a mixed climate type ranging from summer to peak winters. During the "Parade of the Cultures" festival on June 21, 2008 in Frankfurt Bolivian dress was also one of the attractions.

Spotting Bolivian women in South America is easy. Women wear elaborate woven overskirts, hats, and colorful ponchos. Overskirts worn are generally 70 cm in length and 90 cm in width. Bolivian Andean women wear pollera, pleated skirt made with 8 meters of cloth. Hats worn differ from region to region signifying the marital status. Bowler’s hat, stiff caps embellished with beads and sequels that dangle before eyes are few of the types. The position of the hat denotes marital status of a Bolivian woman. At the age of 16, the girl wears a white dress and dances with her father and other boys.

Bolivian men wear coloured ponchos with woollen helmet-style hats, pantaloons and sandals. Monteras; leather hats worn by men is made up of cow dung, straw, paper and coloured leather strips and sequins are sewn. A bunch of yellow wool is also attached on the brim along with 3 different coloured-green, yellow and purple feathers on top of the hat. While folkloric dances men wear Sao hat, a braided hat made from motacú an oriental tree found in Bolivia.

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Bolivia Traditional Dress




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