Family Life In Brazil  

Brazil culture and society supports traditional family system.  The family mainly comprise of couple and their children. Emotional bonds are highly respected in the family.

Extended family relations are considered very important.  Family life of Brazil is closely knitted with their kith and kin.    The social life of Brazil has undergone a drastic change during the last three decade. Family life has become more complex. Families are getting smaller in size. Single parents, remarried couples are increasing in number now. Brazilian family is patriarchal in nature. Females are responsible for household duties and children whereas males are responsible for earning bread but now this scenario is changing and females are also coming forward and are sharing financial responsibility with their male counterparts.

Women plays equal role in brazilin family and society. They are proving their skills at home front as well as at professional front. Many women are working in private as well as in governmental offices. Here work for women is not just a sign of her financial independence but it also makes them stronger at personal relation front. It raises their sense of self-esteem and competency. Couples enjoy their married life and they put joint effort to make it successful. Males are also now participating in household activities helping their females partners at home front.

 Family ties are nurtured with great care and affection. Children show great care and respect for their parents. Children are also given due affection and respect. You can easily find a Brazilian family having their dinner together and sharing their daily routine activity or discussing on the latest topic.

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Family Life In Brazil




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