Festivals In Brazil  

There are number of festivals celebrated in Brazil with religious or secular motive. Some of the major festivals are elaborated there in.

Brazilian year starts with the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador during the months of February held four day’s before Ash Wednesday. It happens at the peak of summer, when Carioca is at their best and attracts thousands of people from all corners of the world. The festival is celebrated in honour of Dionysus, the god of wine. It has now evolved into a massive celebration of music, food, alcohol before Lent - 40 days of personal reflection, abstinence, and fasting until Easter.

The Boi Bumbá festival or "hit my bull" is celebrated in June every year presents is an incredible musical and theatrical experience, a religious procession, a tribal ritual by Parintins folklore. It represents myths, tales and legends using characters, parade carts and giant puppets. It is both an artistic display and a competition between two different teams: Ox teams. Also, celebrated in June is Festas Juninas with the  feasts of St. John, St. Anthony and St. Peter are celebrated throughout Brazil with traditional foods, games and dances.
During July, the Festa de Sao Benedito, or Festival of St. Benedict, is celebrated with traditional dances and foods. During August, the region around the city of Parati in the southeast celebrates the Pinga Festival for pinga enormously popular Brazil's brandy made from cane sugar.

A two week celebration called Cirio de Nazare begins with a parade to transport the statue of the virgin of Nazare from cathedral to basilica. It ends with her return to the cathedral. And on New Year’s Eve worshippers gather at the beaches to pay homage to Iemanja, goddess of the sea in the hope of receiving blessings for the coming year.

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Festivals In Brazil




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How-Is-Carnival-Celebrated-In-Brazil      The Carnivals in all countries are full of festivities and celebrations. Brazil is one such country which is famous for the carnivals. The Carnivals have been happening in the country from 1720s. This was the time when immigrants from Portugal had arrived here. More..




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