How Is Carnival Celebrated In Brazil ?  

The Carnivals in all countries are full of festivities and celebrations. Brazil is one such country which is famous for the carnivals. The Carnivals have been happening in the country from 1720s. This was the time when immigrants from Portugal had arrived here.

The carnival now is celebrated with many parades which have many members who come up with very innovative themes for the floats. One of the main parades in the country takes place at the Sambodroma. During the festival there are many activities that take place. There are many events also which take place before the 4 day festival commences and there are many rehearsals and parades. There are many gatherings where many people come not only from the country but from outside too.

There is a lot of energy, enchantment and enjoyment at all the festivities and functions of the carnival in Brazil. Carnivals take place in many parts of the country but the places where it is the most interesting is in Rio de Janeiro, Olinda and Salvador de Bahia. The city is decorated and there is a lot of lighting during the festival.

The carnivals are big forms of celebrations in this part of the world and this attracts a lot of interest and attention from people from all over the world apart from the nationals of the country. The music parades and the dancing and the carnival balls all form an integral part of the celebrations and are enjoyed by all irrespective of their age.  All travelers should plan their travel in such a way that they can see these carnivals in Brazil.        

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How Is Carnival Celebrated In Brazil




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How Is Carnival Celebrated In Brazil ? )
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