Main Religion In Brazil  

Brazil is one of the largest and most populous countries of the world. Due to its geographic diversity the culture of the Brazil is diversified, it’s truly a multiracial country.

The country houses people of various religions like the Roman Catholics, Protestants, Hindus and also the Pagan religions.  The culture of the Brazil has roots of the Portugal culture. The Portuguese travelers and immigrants brought with themselves the catholic faith along with the Portuguese language and other customs and traditions of Portugal. The main religion of Brazil is catholic and has the largest catholic community over the world. Almost three fourth of the Brazilian population is catholic.

The Catholicism continues to be main religion of the Brazil since the eighteenth century when the Portuguese people arrived in the country. The Roman Catholic Church is one of the predominant parts of the country which continues to impact political decisions of the country. The proper link between the Roman Catholic Church and the state was laid down back in 19th century. Also people in Brazil give their prayers to a dead priest in Ceara region of the country. People also take pilgrimages to various locations in the country.

One of the divine pilgrimages taken by most of the population is the location where Nossa Senhora da Aparecida, the patron saint was believed to be appeared.
It is truly a multi ethnic society where the people have the freedom to choose any religion which is conferred by the constitution. Besides the Catholics, the protestant population is growing in the country. Also it has a population which follows a religion known as the Pagan religion which is derived from the African culture. These pagan religions include Candombie, Macumba and Umbanda.

The present day Brazilian culture and religion continues to be inspired by the Portuguese customs and traditions.

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Main Religion In Brazil




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