Samba Dance Brazil  

Samba, which originated in Brazil in the 19th century, is one of the most popular dance forms performed by people around the world.

Though it originated in Brazil, it takes influences from many African and South American dance styles. It also plays an important part in the renowned Brazilian Carnival. Contrary to the misconception that samba is one kind of dance; it is actually a collection of different types of samba dance styles practiced in Brazil. Hence no particular dance type can be termed as ‘the Samba dance’. There is also a big difference between the Ballroom Samba, which is performed in many international competitions, and the Brazilian Samba.

One of the more popular types of samba are Samba no pé. It is a form of street samba dance which is performed spontaneously in Brazil during the playing of samba music. Samba no pé is a solo dance and is often seen in the Rio de Janeiro carnival. It is also considered by many people as the original samba dance. However, there are also many people who don’t agree with this opinion. Samba no pé is based on the 2/4 rhythm, with 3 steps taken by dancers per measure. The basic step mainly involves bending of one knee at a time and a straight body. When performed by a male dancer, Samba no pé consists of many acrobatic moves and when a female dancer is performing, she gives more importance to the feminine aspect of the dance by using their shoulders and hips.

Some other types of Samba dance styles are Samba de Gafieira, which is a partner dance, Samba de roda, Samba Axé and Samba Pagode.

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Samba Dance Brazil




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