Where Is Brazil Located ?  

Brazil or Federative Republic of Brazil as it was formerly known is the largest and fifth largest country in South America and world respectively in terms of area.

It covers a total area of 3,286,488 sq mi (8,511,965 sq km) between the central South America and Atlantic Ocean with 2,684 mi (4,320 km) from east to west and 2,731 mi (4,395 km) from north to south. It is also the most populous country in South America and the fifth most populous country in the world. On the north, Brazil is surrounded by the world famous Amazon rain forest and on the south by small mountain ranges and hilly regions. Its total boundary is of the length 9,108 mi (14,691 km) and is mainly divided into South, South East, North and North East. Bordered by all the countries of the continent except Chile and Ecuador, Brazil is flanked by Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela and French Guiana on the north, on the south by Uruguay, on the north east, south east and east by Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Peru and Bolivia, on the north west by Colombia and on the south west by Paraguay and Argentina.  The coastline of Brazil is over 4,655 mi (7,491 km) on the east. 

The Brazilian region also consists of a chain of islands called archipelagos such as Rocas Atoll, Trindade and Martim Vaz, Fernando de Noronha and Saint Peter and Paul Rocks.  The climate in Brazil is tropical in nature with average temperature being 77 °F (25 °C). Brasilia is the capital city of Brazil.

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Where Is Brazil Located




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