Chile Independence Day  

Chile's Independence Day is celebrated in September, which is spring time in the country as it is located in the southern hemisphere.

Although the fixed date for the independence day is September 18, the celebrations start much earlier. The festivities include food, drinks, dances, barbecue and parades. These continue for a few days even after the independence day. In addition, the national anthem can be heard playing in all parts of the country as a part of the celebrations.Usually most of the festivities take place in open-air buildings, which are known as Ramadas. There is a dance floor in the middle of the courtyard, and the floor is covered with a thatched roof. The dance is surrounded by a number of stalls selling food, and different types of refreshments.

The entire country is roped into the celebrations that are hosted in villages, towns and cities. The people remember how the Chilean Criollo leaders actually called for self-governance on this day way back in 1810. The nation actually gained its independence only in April the following year.

It is amazing how traditional dance shows, costumes and legends attracts crowds, be it foreigners or tourists. The entire celebration is a huge event of merrymaking and revelry. However, there are regional differences in the way Chile's Independence Day is celebrated. For instance, Tarapaca has a month long celebration marked with religious ceremonies, plays and special activities for children, while Antofagasta holds kite flying competitions. Atacama hold rodeo competitions as well as cueca competitions. Santiago holds rodeo competitions, arts and crafts for display and sale, activities for children and plays based on local folklore. In Rancagua, where the Battle of Rancagua took place in 1814, one can hear music, song and dancing. In addition, Rancagua plays host to the National Rodeo Championship.

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Chile Independence Day




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