Tourist Attractions Of Colombia  

Whether you are going to Colombia for the first time, or you are revisiting, you will realize that there is no dearth of tourist attractions in the country.

Tourist attractions of Colombia range from history to art to nature. There are many things to admire and see.The capital of the country, Bogota, is a blend of old and new. You can visit many museums and colonial era churches in the city to get away from the daily humdrum of city life. You can visit the world famous Museo Del Oro to see gold exhibits, or visit Museo Nacional to catch a glimpse of ancient and modern art from Colombia.

Many areas of historical and religious importance are well preserved in Bogota. So, you can visit the Plaza Bolivar, which is the main square in the city, or the Iglesia de Santa Clara cathedral. You can climb up the Cerro de Monserrate to get a bird's eye view of Bogota, and then visit the Church of the Fallen Christ, which is considered to a site of miracles. No visit to Bogota is complete if you do not visit the flea market located at Mercado de las Pulgas.

Just 50 kilometers from Bogota is Ziapiquira, which is famous for its salt mines and Salt Cathedral. Also, you can take a two-hour bus trip to Laguna, which is considered to be a sacred lake of the Musica Indians.

Another city that you should visit while in Colombia is Cartegena. It is an extremely beautiful city that has a rich history and culture. The city is home to magnificent churches, palaces, monasteries and mansions dating back to the Spanish colonial era.

Other tourist attractions of Colombia include beaches located at Parque Nacional Tayrona, mud volcanoes in Arboletes and the city of the Tayrona Indians -- La Ciudad Perdita.

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Tourist Attractions Of Colombia




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