What Do People Wear In Colombia ?  

Most adults in Colombia wear the same clothing that is worn else where.

You will find men wearing pants, shirts when they go to work, and when they are not working, men are seen wearing jeans, t-shirts and shirts. Women tend to be more particular about what they wear.Many young women in Colombia like to wear short t-shirts that show off their flat stomachs. They wear this with trendy looking pants that are adorned with many decorations, or they wear the so-called waistless jeans, which are known as descaderados in Colombia. These jeans come in different styles where it can show a part of the upper buttocks. In general, women in urban settings tend to dress in a sexy manner, but most of them prefer pants over skirts.

In the cities it is not common to see people wearing folk clothes. This is more common in small towns and rural settings where the people will wear folk clothing to go about their regular day to day chores like working in the fields or selling vegetables or fruits in the marketplace.

Most urban Colombians love to wear branded clothes, and that is why popular clothing retailers like Nike, Adidas, Wranglers, Levis and Armani have high-end stores in large cities. You can see many young Colombian men and women sporting these brands.

On the whole, the upper and middle classes in urban areas in Colombia wear clothes that are quite similar to the ones worn in the US. In rural settings, men wear loose fitting pants, while women tend to wear loose fitting skirts. In cold places in rural Colombia, both men and women wear cloaks.

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What Do People Wear In Colombia




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