How Do People In Guyana Travel From Place To Place ?  

The usual modes of transportation in towns and cities of Guyana are bicycles, cars, taxis, mopeds and minibuses.

However, getting from one part of the country to another is done by way of minibuses. If people want to cross rivers, then boats and pontoon ferries are used. However, tourists can also use airplanes to get around the country as many landing strips have been built across the country.Although Guyana has a railroad running around the country, it has not been possible to use this mode of transportation since 1974.

The public transport in the city of Georgetown is by way of minibuses that are privately owned. These buses operate from fixed areas in the city, and have a well structured fare system. Similar sort of arrangement is used for all the bus routes that run throughout the country. In contrast, taxis have freer access and movement. They can travel around the city and also in rural areas of the country. However, the fare is not regulated like the buses.

However, there are no traffic control procedures in the Georgetown and this can cause delays and also lead to traffic accidents. In addition, the state of the roads can vary from one place to another as little road maintenance is undertaken.

The road network in Guyana covers over 3,995 kilometers, and nearly 24 percent of the roads are primary roads, while 21 percent are feeder roads that connect agricultural areas to the primary roads. A massive 56 percent of the roads are interior roads and trails. These are in poor condition. However, the government is now making effort to correct this, and several projects are being undertaken to rehabilitate certain specific roads across the country.

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How Do People In Guyana Travel From Place To Place




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