Business Schools In Mexico  

Mexico is an emerging destination for business students. The country has got some good business schools offering quality education, shaping potential business managers for their future.

The IPADE Business School, Universidad Panamericana, is ranked, numero uno in most of the rankings of the top business schools in Latin America. It offers both full time as well as executive MBA programs, as per the requirements and the qualifications of the applicant. The full time program offered here is for approximately 22 months, with application deadline falling on July of each year. The basic work experience asked for it is 4 years, with an undergraduate degree. For Executive MBA applicants, the basic work experience should at least be of 10 years duration.

McCombs School of Business is another good choice for anyone wanting to study business management in Mexico. Situated in Mexico City, this business school offers a dual degree program of two years’ duration. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SAC) have accredited this course. The curriculum of this course is designed keeping the managers in their mid-career in mind. Thus the people who sign up for this course are mostly either working in the general management levels or are preparing to get in to one. For this, the classes are fixed in an alternating cycle, that is, Friday and Saturday classes in every two weeks. This ensures that the students there can continue with their full time jobs as well as family commitments along with studies. The basic qualification needed to join this course in this school is an undergraduate degree and an experience of working for at least five years.

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Business Schools In Mexico




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