Facts About Mexico  

Mexico, officially called the United Mexican States, has a land area of 1972550 square kilometer and a population density of about 55 per square kilometer. Along its northern border is the US, while the Pacific Ocean borders it to the south as well as the west. In the east, lies the Gulf of Mexico. Mexico City is its capital and Spanish is the recognized official language.

The current president of the country is Felipe Calderon. It got its independence from Spain on 16 September 1810, but was finally recognized as an independent country in the year 1821. The currency of the country is Peso. Post-independence, Mexico has had a very turbulent history. The country has borne witness to a civil war, the war with America, and economic instability. There was a domestic dictatorship after the period of complete cession to the U.S. 1910 was the year of the Mexican revolution, after which the Constitution was framed in 1917 and the current political system was born. The country is a federation of 31 states forming a Union for jurisdiction over federal territory.

Mexico has 2 mountain ranges, namely the Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental. The Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt divides the country in the center, and runs from the eastern part to the western part of the country. Most of the northern part of Mexico is on high altitude and is divided into two zones by the Tropic of Cancer. Owing to its climate, Mexico houses about 10-12% of the world’s biodiversity and has sixty-four National Parks and four natural monuments, with seventeen sanctuaries and thirty-four reserve biospheres.

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Facts About Mexico




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