Outline Of Mexico History  

Mexico is actually the common name given to the United Mexican States. It is a North American federal constitutional republic country. Geographically, this country is bounded by the US towards the north, the Pacific Ocean on the west and the south; the Caribbean Sea, Guatemala and Belize on the south eastern side and the Gulf of Mexico on the east.

The country of Mexico boasts of 2,000 year old history. Civilization here started with complex, indigenous races before the sixteenth century AD when the Spanish overtook this place. In fact, the effect of the Spanish Conquest reflects today also as Mexico now has the most number of Spanish-speaking people in the world (even more than Spain itself!). But it also has the most number of speakers of Native American language in the whole of North America.

The Spaniards arrived and began to settle down in Mexico by the year, 1519. For the next three hundred years, Mexico remained as a colony under them. The indigenous population of Mexico, during this time, fell by more than fifty percent. After much struggle, the Mexicans finally sought their independence officially from the Spaniards in the year, 1821. Again, by 1846, the Mexican American war started, which continued for the next two years, resulting with Mexico losing half its land to the US. Then the French invaded this country in 1861 and left within the next six years. The nineteen years’ Mexican Revolution, started in the year 1910, again reduced the country’s population by 10 percent, but put a stop to the system of large landholdings, which was started by the Spanish Conquest. The singular party political system that began in the 1990s paved way for a nascent democracy.

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Outline Of Mexico History




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