Travel Warnings To Cancun Mexico  

Cancun, a budding city with speedily changing skyline is located in the easternmost state of Mexico - Quintana Roo. With its pleasant weather throughout the year and popular attractions it is a destination for many tourists.

Some people who have visited Cancun suggest the following:

  • Avoid tap water (and ice). If you’re not taking care of the water you’re drinking or the water the restaurant is using to cook meals, you can easily become a victim of Montezuma's Revenge. Since Mexico sees an enormous number of tourists, most of the resorts use purified water for catering but you cannot be sure of every eatery you walk into. You can easily be making trips to the bathroom for a day if you do not drink bottled water.
  • Timeshare is another issue as many find it difficult to get their reservations cancelled and refunds. It is advised to involve lawyers to save time. Timeshare is considered a major scam by some and is suggested to be avoided at any cost.
  • Heat is another issue. It is recommended to carry sun lotions and head gears to beat the heat. June and July are the hottest months with a temperature easily rising up to 35 degrees. However, it maintains a comparatively cooler atmosphere than the inland, thanks to the constant sea breeze it experiences.
  • Despite being promised that your cell phone will work fine in Mexico, it might not. The simplest solution is to rent a cell phone from the local companies like Mexitel Cellular. Rented phones work just fine in any part of Mexico and do not fall heavy on pockets too. Mexitel Cellular charges nil for incoming calls and $1 for a 20 minute call to the U.S. or Canada, and fifty cents to call within Mexico.

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Travel Warnings To Cancun Mexico




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