What Holidays Does Mexico Celebrate ?  

Mexico celebrates a large number of holidays throughout the year, For instance, the most popular are the celebrations of Día de Los Santos Reyes. Celebrated on January 6th, this festival marks the advent of the three wise men who have said to have brought gifts for Jesus Christ. Mexicans exchange gifts in accordance to this event. On the night of January 5th children leave their old shoes in the living room, or under their beds where they believe the Magi will leave them presents too.

Other holidays celebrated with great enthusiasm in Mexico are as follows:

Feast Day of de San Antonio de Abad: January 17th is a religious holiday. It is a day of celebration for the Catholics, a day when they honor animals by decorating their livestock and pets with ribbons and flowers; and bringing them to the church to receive blessings.

Día de la Candelaria: Celebrated on February 2nd it is also known as Candlemas. It is a perfect blend of the native Mexican customs and Catholic influences. Dancing, bullfights, processions, candles and seeds blessings are common to this religious holiday.

Carnaval: Carnaval is a 5-day official Mexican event whose dates vary each year. It is celebrated the weekend before Lent and is very popular all through the Catholic sphere. It starts with burning down an effigy of a disliked public figure which emblematically signifies the commencement of happiness. This is followed by crowning the Carnival King and Queen. Parades, dances and games are what keep this event cheerily going.

Día de la Constitución: February 5th is an official holiday marking the formation of the Mexican Constitution.

Flag Day: February 24th is another official holiday in honor of the Mexican national flag.

Semana Santa: The sacred week which ends the forty-day Lent phase is celebrated in the form of Semana Santa. Mexicans attend the Good Friday mass and Easter Sunday on this second most important holiday of its nation.

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What Holidays Does Mexico Celebrate ?




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What Holidays Does Mexico Celebrate ? )
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