What To Bring To Mexico ?  

Due to its warm climate, low cost and proximity Mexico, attracts a lot of American tourists every year. Keeping in mind comfort, it is advised to carry light and clothes which breathe to your trip to Mexico. A vacation here is not very stylish event.

A formal wear in case of a cruise dinner, durable sundress for beach and lunch, flat footwear and hiking sandals to keep your feet protected and cool on the beach are enough for a trip to Mexico. Jeans can be heavy and bulky, and should be avoided; whereas sunglasses, sunscreen lotion and hat should be carried.

In relation to caution, remember this is a largely Catholic state and so, modesty is highly appreciated. It is suggested to blend in the diverse cultural norms. In case you have many allergies carry your medications and also life-saving medicines like epi-pen. Backpackers should carry water purification systems with them. You can also insure yourself with a travel insurance like AAA or Medex in case you are experiencing any medical conditions.

Also carry a mosquito repellent and a long sleeves jacket or shirt. Waterproof, sturdy, close-toed shoes are suggested to be carried if you are planning to have outings in rain forests. Minimize your electronic luggage if you are touring in the rainy or humid season. If you really need to carry your laptop, cell phone and iPad then make sure they are in water-proof or insulated bags. Shockproof cameras are recommended for scuba divers and snorkelers. Also, do carry an umbrella and rain coat for this season. Make two copies at least, of all the travel documents like car and hotel rental reservations, airline tickets and passport. And as for any trip, it is advised to you to pack light.

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What To Bring To Mexico ?




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What To Bring To Mexico ? )
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