Where Did The Mayans Live In Mexico ?  

Maya was a Mesoamerican civilization known for its superior writing system in the American continents before the European contact. Sophisticated cyclical calendars and complex mathematic systems were used by them. Other than these, monumental architecture and extravagant art were also its remarkable accomplishments.

The Mayans believed time to be cyclic which was interpreted by establishing numerical relations between their calendars. Human sacrifices were performed to please gods if bad times were predicted. The famous prophecy of the world ending on December 12, 2012 bringing the world to its fifth cycle was made by Mayans.

The earliest Mayans lived in the region we today know as northern Central America and southern Mexico. This region includes the eastern boundaries of El Salvador and Honduras, Yucatan Peninsula, eastern Belize, lowland Mexican rainforests and Guatemala highlands. They grew a range of crops from sunflower seeds to manioc to Amaranth to corn (maize). These were produced in managed fallows, forest gardens, terraces and permanent raised fields. They made chocolate for the first time by mixing water in ground cacao. Mayan conurbations were chiefly ritual sites and less business centers. They were considered the divine and supernatural foci for decentralized system of agricultural villages.

Almost six million Mayan descendants divided in various ethnic groups are still found living in these areas, speaking around thirty different native Mayan languages. The traditional forms of civic village organization still seem to be continuing. The western medical science today is studying the age old Mayan medicine techniques, particularly the herbal therapies. Subsequent to 1521, the Spanish strived to methodically wipe out the Mayan civilization. They put on fire their codices were primeval bark paper books. This is considered one of the most immense transgressions of humankind’s cultural history.

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Where Did The Mayans Live In Mexico ?




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Where Did The Mayans Live In Mexico ? )
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