Chihuahua Mexico Facts  

Chihuahua, the largest state of Mexico is situated in Northwest Mexico and covers an area of 247,455 sq. kilometers. Its name, which means "the place where the water of the rivers meets," is said to have its origin in the Nahuatl language. It also boasts the largest forest cover in Mexico and is home to a vast diversity of flora and fauna owing to its climate variation. Its population of 3,241,444 makes it the eleventh most populated state of Mexico, majority of which are Catholics. Conchos River Valley and Rio Grande Valley are the most populated areas of Chihuahua.

After being occupied by native tribes Chihuahua was colonized by the Spanish, mainly for its mineral wealth. European settlements came in the form Catholic missions and of mining towns. It has witnessed countless internal conflicts among Mexicans and external wars between the US and Mexico. It was in the nineteenth century that Chihuahua saw an influx of German immigrants also called Mennonites who were in quest of religious liberty. La Barranca del Cobre or Copper Canyon, a gorge system deeper than the Grand Canyon is Chihuahua’s main attraction. It dwells in the mountain range of Sierra Madre Occidental which is an expansion of the Rocky Mountains.

Delicias, Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua are the chief economic centers as the state's key agriculture focus, international manufacturing hub and the state capital respectively. Chihuahua provides a significant commercial route thriving millions of dollars through international trade because of NAFTA. Chihuahua is one of the foremost nationwide producer of mineral; the mines in Sierra Madre yield gold, silver, lead, zinc and various other minerals constituting the state's most important industry. The state procures its bulk of agricultural production from the widespread prairies of small yellow grass on the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains slant.

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Chihuahua Mexico Facts




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