Attractions In Mexico City  

Mexico City has various sights and attractions for residents and tourists that come to visit this place from across the world. One among the most popular is the Chapultepec Park (Bosque de Chapultepec). This park consists of a hill which is surrounded by 1,600 acres of land. It includes the Chapultepec Castle which was once a home to Empress Carlota of Mexico and Maximilian I of Mexico. Now, National History Museum houses in this luxurious castle. The eastern flank of the park is the Mexican President’s residence.

Other attractions are as follows:

  • Coyoacan: Mexico's Federal District is separated into 16 delegaciones (boroughs). Coyoacan is one of them. It has been home to to Leon Trotsky, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Dolores del Río. It is even considered to be the sister city of Arlington County in Virginia, USA. The houses have now been turned in to museums attracting more tourists. It is connected by Metro Viveros, Metro Coyoacán and Metro General Anaya.
  • House of Masks (Casa de los Mascarones): House of Masks is another house which has been converted to a museum. It is placed at a short distance from the Fort of San Diego. It has over 500 vibrantly colored masks in various shapes and sizes. It is a beautiful insight into Guerrero’s culture, religion and art.
  • Metropolitan Cathedral (Cathedral Metropolitana): This cathedral is apparently the oldest and largest in the Americas. It is located atop the ex-Aztec holy precinct, close to the Templo Mayor at the north of Plaza de la Constitución. The cathedral was build in parts between the years 1573 and 1813, in the region of the original church which was built soon after Tenochtitlán was conquered by the Spanish, ultimately replacing it completely. It was designed by Claudio de Arciniega, a Spanish architect.
  • Palace of Fine Arts (Palacio de Bellas Artes): It is the most significant cultural center not just in Mexico City but in the entire nation of Mexico. It is situated beside the Alameda Central Park. Adamo Boari in the year 1904 undertook the job of its first blueprint and construction. It is famous for hosting theatrical performances and exhibitions and its murals by Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and others.

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Attractions In Mexico City




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