Famous Sites In Mexico City  

Mexico City has several famous sites that are truly worth a visit for both, the residents and the tourists that come to visit this place from across the world. One among the most popular is the Museo Franz Mayer (Meyer). Hosting the largest collection of decorative art, this is one of the very well known museums in Latin America.

It even holds temporary exhibits in photography and design too. Its collection displays objects from various styles, materials and regions since the beginning of 16th century till to-date. It was earlier the first hospital constructed by the Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God in the entire Americas.

Other famous sites are as follows:

  • Museo Nacional de Arte: Situated in a neoclassical house in the heart of the historical center, Museo Nacional de Arte is considered to be the national museum of art of Mexico. Built somewhere in the 1900s, it showcases collections from as early as the pre-Hispanic era till the beginning of the twentieth century. Originally located in Zocalo it was moved several times to preserve a piece of art.
  • Paseo de la Reforma: Constructed on the command of Maximilian I of Mexico, at some point during the Second Mexican Empire, this is an avenue covering a distance of 12 kilometers. Earlier, it was known as Paseo de la to honor Empress Carlota of Mexico. Its present name was kept in remembrance of the introduction of liberal reforms in the nineteenth century by President Benito Juárez.
  • Plaza Garibaldi: Plaza Garibaldi is also positioned in Mexico City’s historic center, near the Palacio de Bellas Artes. To honor of Lt. Col. José Garibaldi it was named again in the year 1910. Lt. Col. In the Mexican revolution, José Garibaldi supported the Maderistas in the conflict in Casa Grandes in Chihuahua. It is enclosed by restaurants and cafés much favored by travelers.
  • Viceregal Picture Gallery (Pinacoteca Virreinal / Virreynal): Constructed between the years 1594 and 1621, this church houses the old San Diego church at its western end. The images showcased in the cloister, the chapels and the church are works of some of the famous colonial era artists which include José María Tresguerras, Miguel Cabrera, José María de Ibarra, Juan Rodríguez Juárez, Cristóbal de Villalpando, Baltazar de Echave Orio and Simón Pereyns.

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Famous Sites In Mexico City




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