National Art Museum In Mexico City  

Established in 1982, the National Art Museum is situated in Mexico City. Silvio Contri, an Italian architect was hired by the government to build it between the years 1905 and 1911. The building, earlier called the Communications Palace, has its lower levels reflecting the renaissance style and the upper levels hinting towards the neoclassical architecture. The frontal empty public space is meant to highlight the other structures neighboring it. The grandeur of the entrance hall is unique.

The collection at the museum represents Mexican art’s history ranging back from pre-Hispanic times to the mid 20th century. The works of great artists were assorted according to themes for their better preservation. The National Art Museum includes paintings by Jose María Velasco, Juan Correa, Eugenio Landesio, Miguel Cabrera and others. The statue of the monarch of Mexico- Charles IV of Spain was moved from one location to the other, before being housed in this museum in 1979.

The museum went through an up gradation in the facilities and extreme remodeling; and was re-inaugurated in the year 2000 for the public. The focus of the museum is now on study, display and diffusion of Mexico and global art from the sixteenth century to the 20th century. The museum has fine collection of art in the country, designed in such a manner so as to give viewers a panoramic view. The artwork here is divided in three categories. First is that of the colonial period named “Asimilación de occidente” (Assimilation of the West), second is about the independence of Mexico and is called “La construcción de la Nación” (Construction of a Nation), and the third revolves around the time after the Mexican Revolution till the 1950s, and is displayed under the title “Estrategías plásticas para un México moderno” (Strategies for the fine arts in modern Mexico).

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National Art Museum In Mexico City




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