What Is The Elevation Of Mexico City ?  

Mexico City is not only the largest city, but also the capital of Mexico. It is also measured as the 3rd largest metropolitan city population wise in the world after Asian cities, Tokyo and Seoul. Mexico City is the capital city and is not included in or considered as a part of the thirty-one Mexican states of the country, but is completely part of the country's federation. The city has been the undisputed hub for culture, politics and finance in the country.

The city is sometimes known as the Basin of Mexico because it is situated in the midst of a valley. The whole city is situated between valleys and has mountains on all sides. This valley is called the Trans-Mexican Volcanic belt, which is in the elevated plateaus of south central Mexico. The minimum altitude of the city is found out to be 2200 meters (7217 feet) above sea level. However, the city is located at an altitude of 5,000 meters.

Mexico City is considered as to be very risky as it has no natural outlet for draining water from the city in situations like floods. The city from its several years of existence lacked such infrastructure but manmade canals and tunnels have lowered down the risk of floods. The tunnels and canals constructed in the seventeenth century are still used and maintained by the city administration to drain excessive water.

The city is considered to be resting on the Texcoco Lake and seismic activity is regular in the region. Lake Texcoco in the region was drained using tunnels and canals in the seventeenth century and the city is supposed to be resting on the clay. The resting clay is breaking up and creating problems which may lead to flood problems in near future especially in rainy season.

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What Is The Elevation Of Mexico City ?




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