History Of Oaxaca  

The state of Oaxaca is thought to be the land of diversity in Mexico. Oaxaca is located towards the south eastern pat of the country, having the Pacific Ocean along its coast. In fact, the ocean is spread across more than ninety five thousand square kilometers of area which is supposed to be taking up approximately 5 percent of land of the country.

Oaxaca is located in between the Southern Sierra Madre and Eastern Sierra Madre, and also shares border with the Mexico states Puebla on the northern region and Veracruz. It also shares some of its region on the on the east with Chiapas and on the west with Guerrero.

The name of the state Oaxaca is thought to come from the Nahuatl word Huayacac, which has a meaning related to a tree found in the state. A tree most commonly growing in the state has given the state the name. The place of seed of the tree is referred to as the name of the state.

The state is found to be one of the largest states in the country ranking on fifth. The state of Oaxaca is found to be distinguished by the extreme geographic destruction. The place is located at an altitude of more than five thousand feet above sea level. The area of Oaxaca is extremely large and consists of rough terrain which is divided into almost more than 500 municipals. There are lot of tribal groups and individual towns in Oaxaca. The strong geography of the region has played an important role in the development of cultural diversity in the region. Oaxaca is considered as the most complex place in the country of Mexico among all the 31 states. There are two important ethnic groups in the country known as the Mixtec and Zapotec that make up the two biggest groups of Indians in the country.

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History Of Oaxaca




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