Oaxaca Food  

Oaxaca is one of the states in the country Mexico and is world famous for many things that sets Oaxaca apart from the other states. The many famous things of Oaxaca include their famous foods and drinks of the state. Oaxacan cuisine is popular for its aroma, color and flavor. It is thought that the Oaxacan cuisine is the marriage between the Mesoamerican culture and Mediterranean culture.

Oaxacan food is very famous throughout the world. The food here is very spicy and includes many ingredients to give that taste and aroma. The Oaxacan food consists of a sauce called as mole which is made up of almost thirty two ingredients including important spices like chilies and other ingredients like chocolate. The hot and spicy sauce mole is served mostly over chicken and is used in many chicken dishes. It used on privileged occasions, religious ceremonies and for the souls of the dead. A very popular and unique dish served in the state of Oaxaca is the ‘Chapulines Colorados’. This dish is made up of little grasshoppers and always served as starters. There is a common about this dish that people of Oaxaca say that the one who tastes this dish will come back again to Oaxaca. Meat and corn are the most staple diet in Oaxaca and is used in a wide variety of dishes like the tarazones, tortillas and molletes.

The tortillas are widely consumed and are favorite dish of the people of Oaxaca. They are used with several other dishes like empanadas, quesadillas, gorditas and picadas. There are two different names for tortillas; the fried tortillas are called as tostados, and rolled tortillas are called as tacos. The other munch upon dishes are the tamales, clayudas and totopos. The Oaxaca food is famous with the drinks prepared there. Customary alcohol drinks are also served in the Oaxacan region and Oaxaca takes pride in having the most number of alcohol drinks throughout the world. Drinks are served in different flavors, drinks are made up of special plants like the agave cactus and some drinks are flavored using special worms.

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Oaxaca Food




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