Things To See In Oaxaca City  

There are many great things to see in the Oaxaca City. A person can wander around the city to view magnificent architectures in the city such as the Santo Domingo Cultural centre having a wonderful botanical garden with some splendid buildings near the Central Square or Zocalo with impressive cathedral. These architectures are marvelous examples of architecture in Mexico.

People can also visit to archeological sites in the city like the pyramid buildings of Monte Alban which is a site of heritage in the city. This place is considered to be the ancient capital of the Zapotec people. The other such site in the city is Mitla, which is also known as the city of dead and is famous for its complicated stone designs.

People who are interested in arts and craft work have places of their interest in the city. The exit routes from the city have places where handicrafts can be seen. Things that can be seen are the rug making, pottery, table décor, woven scarves, tinsmithing, carved wooden animals and many other items that can be seen and purchased. People interested in learning different things can also have learning sessions with some fun. There are some great cooking lessons taught at a place known by the name of Casa de los Sabores. Another famous place for learning cooking lessons especially the hot and spicy Mexican dishes is the Seasons of my heart. The most wonderful and exotic place to see in the Oaxaca city is the Sierra Norte Mountains. This place is the most favorite destination for adventurers and sport lovers. It offers a wide variety of sports and entertainment like biking, hiking, riding horses, trekking and mountaineering. People can also go for beach vacation near the Oaxaca city. The city and its suburbs are full of hotels and motels making journey of visitors and tourists comfortable.

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Things To See In Oaxaca City




History-Of-Oaxaca      The state of Oaxaca is thought to be the land of diversity in Mexico. Oaxaca is located towards the south eastern pat of the country, having the Pacific Ocean along its coast. In fact, the ocean is spread across more than ninety five thousand square kilometers of area which is supposed to be taking up approximately 5 percent of land of the country. More..




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Things To See In Oaxaca City )
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