Facts About Peru  

Peru is situated in the western part of South America, and shares its borders with Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.

On one side of the country is the Pacific Ocean. The country is popular world over for being the home to the Inca Empire, which was present during the 15th century.

Here are some interesting facts about Peru:

  • The largest city of the country is Lima. It is also the capital of Peru.
  • The official language of the country is Spanish.
  • The largest ethnic group in Peru is the Amerindian, followed by the Mestizo and then Caucasians.
  • Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, with over 90 percent of the population following it.
  • Peru gained its independence on July 28, 1819 from the Spanish.
  • The most popular sport in the country is soccer, followed by tennis, surfing, beach volleyball and sailing.
  • The country has a desert in the west, while the eastern part of the country enjoys a tropical climate.
  • Peru has around 246 airports spread around the country, but it has just one helipad for landing and taking off helicopters.
  • The country is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, mudslides and volcanic activities.
  • The Inca Empire was present in Peru until 1533. It was the Spanish conquistadors that led to the downfall of the Empire.
  • Peru is replete with natural resources like gold, copper, coal, iron, petroleum and natural gas.
  • The country is home to Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca which are two of the most visited tourist attractions in the country.

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Facts About Peru




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