Famous People From Peru  

Although a small country, Peru has had many famous people in the field of sports and acting.

Many of the sportsmen, actors and actresses have gained international recognition and fame. Here are some of the famous people from Peru.

Famous People from Peru:
One of the most famous people from Peru is Teofilo Cubillas, who is a Peruvian soccer player. He attained international fame and recognition in the 1970s when he won the nomination for the South American Footballer of the Year in 1972. He was also instrumental in Peru winning the Copa America Cup in 1975.

Other famous soccer players from Peru include Nolberto Solano, Claudio Pizzaro and Juan Manuel Vargas. All the three have played for the national team as well as for various soccer clubs in Europe. Out of these three, Solano was the most popular because of the duration of his career and his stint with Newcastle United.

After soccer, volleyball is the most popular sport in Peru. Cecilia Tate and Gabriela Perez del Solar are two female volleyball players who won the silver medal during the 1988 Seoul Olympics. Later, both players joined politics and ended up becoming even more famous in the country.

Sofia Mulanovich is a professional surfer who won the World Championship in 2004. She was the first South American to be inducted into the Surfers' Hall of Fame in 2007.

Henry Ian Cusick is a famous actor, who was born in Trujillo, Peru. However, when he was 2 years old, he left the country to live in Europe. He is famous for his role in the famous television series Lost. He has also acted in British series like Casualty and The Book Group. In 2007, he got a major film role in the movie titled Hitman.

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Famous People From Peru




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