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The weather of Peru is distinct in different parts of the country. Basically, the country has been divided into three climatic zones.

These are the tropical Amazon forests, the coastal desert and the Andean mountains. In the Andes, the daily temperature is usually below 10 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the night, the temperature is below freezing point.If you are flying into Cuzco, which is located at 3,326 meters above sea level, it will be a good idea to allow yourself some time to get acclimatized to the altitude.

In the Andean plateau and the Andes region, the dry season is from June to August. The regions also receive maximum rainfall from December to March. In the Amazon forest region, it rains right through the year, but the driest period is from June to September. The coastal region is hot from December to March, and it rarely rains in some parts along the coast. Lima and other cities and towns located along the Pacific Ocean experience something known as garua from April to November. This is a coastal fog or mist that envelops the region when the warm air coming from the desert passes over the Pacific Ocean where the cold Humboldt Current runs.

The best time for tourists to visit Peru is from June to August. This is the time when Peru weather is cool and dry. This is also the best period to walk the Inca Trail and visit Machu Picchu.  However, the weather in the country varies based on the geographical region you are visiting. Usually Peru weather is cool in the highlands and mountainous regions, while the lowlands are dry and humid.

Although the wettest period in Peru is from December to March, most of the major festivals are held during this period. So, you will find tourists still flocking to Peru to catch a glimpse of Carnaval, Semana Santa and La Virgen de la Candelaria.

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Peru Weather




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