What Is The Capital Of Peru ?  

Lima is the capital of Peru. It is also the largest city in the country. It located in the valleys where three rivers, namely Chillon, Lurin and Rimac, run.

In addition, the city is located on the Pacific Ocean coast, and it joins Callao, which is a seaport, to form one continuous urban area.The city is named after a word from the Quecha language, which was the official language of the Inca Empire. The city is named after the Quecha word Rimac, which means talkative. In 1687 and 1746, the city was devastated by earthquakes, but it was rebuilt.

Like any other cosmopolitan city, Lima is a lively city with lots of history. It has absorbed pre-Columbian, Spanish, indigenous and modern elements to offer a unique experience to anyone who visits or lives here. The city is surrounded by different natural elements like the sea, mountains, and desert.

The biggest draw in the city is its buildings, namely the Government Palace, cathedrals, and the Municipal Palace. In addition, there are numerous churches and monasteries that pay respect to different saints. These are ornately decorated with sculptures, wood carvings, mural and paintings. The old buildings that house museums in the city are a testament of colonial architecture and beauty. The museums house many relics right from the Inca Empire to Colonial era, including pieces of pottery, and gold and silver works.

If you are looking for shopping centers, culture and artistic activities, then you should go the District of Miraflores. Here you will also find discotheques, restaurants and casinos. People who love water and water sports should go to the Green coast with contiguous row of beaches that span 6 districts. The Green coast is ideal for swimming, surfing and indulging in other water-related activities.

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What Is The Capital Of Peru




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Culture-Of-Peru      More than half of the population of Peru lives along the coast. The remaining people live in the Andes. However, less than 5 percent of the population lives in the rainforests of Peru. The culture of Peru is greatly influenced by its ethnic groups. 45 percent of the population is indigenous; 37 percent is Mestizo, 15 percent are Caucasians; while the remaining population is of African or Asian descent. All these different groups have greatly influenced the culture of the country. More..




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