Independence Day In Suriname  

Suriname was ruled over for many years by French, Dutch, English and Portuguese.  People of Suriname were slaves and they had no will or existence of their own. 

Like it happens, for a great cause, a great struggle is done. Finally, after a long battle of blood and toil, Suriname finally sought independence. Independent day in celebrated on every twenty-fifth of November. It was in the year 1975 that Suriname got independence.In the fifteenth and the sixteenth century, slavery was prevalent and the exploration by French, Dutch, Portuguese and English explorers reached its peak. People were slaves in the hands of these explorers who never left any chance to torture and make them feel that they are slaves. However, the people of Suriname struggled and the slavery was brought to an end. In the year 1863, slavery was completely abolished in the Suriname. But it would be wrong to say that the Suriname was free or independent then.

Later after many years in the twentieth century, in the year 1975 on November 25, Suriname declared its independence. Twenty fifth November is celebrated in Suriname as the Independence Day or the national day.

National day or the Independence Day is celebrated with great fervor and festivity. The struggle to gain independence gave birth to many national heroes. The people who struggled for the independence and those who gave up their lives for a free Suriname are remembered always. Those people who gave up their lives for free Suriname are the national heroes. Their struggle is remembered. 

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Independence Day In Suriname




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