Climate Of Uruguay  

Uruguay is located in the temperate, and as a result it has more or less the same climate throughout the country.

Although there is quite a bit of seasonal variation, it is very rare to find extreme temperatures. The climate of Uruguay is prone to high humidity and fog. In addition, it is also prone to high winds and fast change when the country experiences fronts or storms.Usually summers are quite warm, while springs are damp, windy and cool. Autumn is mild, but winter can be quite chilly and damp. However, the northwestern part of Uruguay has slightly different climate because it away from water. The summers here are warmer, while the winters are drier and less cold than what the rest of the country experiences.

If you are visiting Montevideo in January, which is summer in Uruguay, you should be ready temperatures to range between 28 degrees Celsius and 17 degrees Celsius on the average. However, the temperature is known to climb as high as 43 degrees Celsius. In Artigas, the summer temperatures range between 33 degrees Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius.

In winter, Montevideo experiences average temperatures between 14 degrees Celsius and 6 degrees Celsius. However, humidity plays an important role. It can end up feeling much colder due to humidity. The lowest temperature recorded in Montevideo, however, has been -4 degrees Celsius. The northwestern part of Uruguay, where Artigas is located, experiences average temperatures between 18 degrees Celsius and 7 degrees Celsius in winters.

The northwestern part of Uruguay receives more rainfall than southeastern part. Montevideo gets an average 950 millimeters of rain each year, while Artigas gets around 1,235 millimeters of rain each year. As the climate of Uruguay is temperate, it is common in winters for the country to get a cold front due to the rains, and thunderstorms in summer are quite common.

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Climate Of Uruguay




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