Uruguay Culture  

Uruguay’s legacy of literary and artistic traditions is particularly impressive, given the country’s small size. 

The cities of Uruguay have a rich architectural heritage, and have given the world a large number of artists, writers and musicians. Modern Uruguayan culture is a mix of European and native South American, and also more liberal and free thinking than that prevalent in its neighboring states.An integral part of Uruguayan culture is the tango, which is a joyful mix of lyrics, music and graceful movement. The Uruguayan upper class is made up of the country’s economically powerful people like businessmen, politicians and ranchers, while whose belonging to the lower class are the peasants and workers. The largest section of Uruguayan society is the middle class, which comprises of professionals, white collar workers and a section of farmers.

The Uruguayan people celebrate the art of theater and a number of musical and dance traditions whenever possible, like cultural festivals, art, plays, concerts and exhibitions. Though most of these traditions are essentially European by birth, they have been modified with dashes of local flavor. The tango particularly, has a sub-culture of its own, which revolves around music, lyrics and movement. The tango is all about love, hate and passion, and it makes the dancer feel pure joy. Uruguayans love to tango and they do it exceptionally well.

The country also has the culture of the gaucho or the cowboys of South America.  These gauchos have their own traditional wear, music and dance, and is symbolizes pride, individual integrity and national identity. Uruguayans also create beautiful handcrafted leather goods like belts, hats, purses and boots. They are also known for their handmade woolen sweaters and ceramic crafts.

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Uruguay Culture




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