Where Is Uruguay ?  

Uruguay, a country full of natural beauty, is located in South America. It lies along the Atlantic coast, and is surrounded by Brazil in the north and Argentina to its west.

People know it as the second-smallest, but probably the most beautiful South American country. The smallest country in South America is Suriname.Name of the country has been derived from a Guarani word meaning “river of painted birds”, "river of shellfish" or "river the uru birds come from".

The country is rich with water and beaches. Because of awesome natural environment, it has been a tourists’ destination.

Uruguay operates a democracy stabilizes by the people. The dense and healthy politics offers a number of benefits for the society like free education.

The production and activity levels had almost reached the critical level in the year 2008. Like other developing and developed countries, crime and a hit of corruption is one of the negative parts of this country. From last four decades, Uruguay is a place, in demand for the emigrants. This is one of the main reasons that crime has risen here dramatically in the last few years. However, the country is still relatively safe, and it is a good option for the people looking for higher studies or training.

Most of the people are depended on agriculture, which constitutes the history of Uruguay along with an outstanding culture.

Uruguay has a complex chain of bus transportation, but it is commonly used by the locals. The Tres Cruces station in the capital city of Montevideo is like a hub, directing buses for local and non-local destinations, including international cities. Inter-city transportation is quite cheap, as you can get a taxi for around US$2 per kilometer.

It is best to travel to Uruguay with an English-Spanish dictionary as most Uruguayans do not speak English. Spanish along with Guarani is the official language in the country.

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Where Is Uruguay




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