Reasons Passports Are Denied  

According to a new regulation passed by the US authorities, US citizens traveling by air now need to carry their passports with them.

This has made a lot of people who previously did not own passports to apply for one. However, there are many who are being denied passports.

So, what are the reasons passports are denied to these people? Among the people who have applied for passports are parents who owe child support. These parents are being denied passports. The authorities have changed the threshold for child support for passport denial from $5,000 to $2,500 and this has affected many parents as they will not be able to get passports.

The US government started the Passport Denial Program way back in 1998 and is hoping this will help parents to pay their dues when it comes to child support.

Another group of people are being denied passports and these are people who are born in southern part of Texas along the border of Mexico. So, what are the reasons passports are denied to these people? The US officials in that area are saying that there used to flux of forged birth certificates of children who were born in Mexico way back in the 1960s as these children were delivered not at hospitals but by midwives.

However, the American Civil Liberties Union views it differently. They believe that the US government is discriminating against US citizens based on their ethnic and national origin as most people affected in southern Texas are primarily Mexican Americans. The Union has registered a class action law suit against the Federal government on behalf of all the Mexican Americans who were delivered here by midwives.

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Reasons Passports Are Denied




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