Tourist Visa Requirement For Canada  

People from the United States who have a valid US passport or a Green Card do not need a visa to enter Canada. However, if you are planning to extend your stay beyond 3 months and you if you want to convert your status to a temporary resident of Canada, then you need to start this process by applying for a visa.

For a Canada tourist visa you would need a valid passport that has 6 months validity on it.  It is a good idea to check the expiration date on the passport before applying for a visa so that you can be sure that your visa application is accepted by the Canadian embassy.  

You need to complete the visa application form which is available on the Canada embassy website. Make sure that the application form is filled out legibly and with correct information. The name that you give on the visa should exactly match the name on your air ticket, if you intend flying into Canada.

You need a letter of invitation from a friend or a relative inviting you to stay with them for tourism purpose and sight seeing.

You need to show the bank activity along with statements attached as proof to show that you have the money to fund your stay in Canada. The bank statements should be of the most recent months in the same year of the visit.

And finally, you also need to at attach two passport sized pictures to the application form and submit it.

Sometimes a business visa can also be applied where officials can visit the country and it is a kind of business tourist visa. The procedure for applying this type of visa is same as tourist visa.

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Tourist Visa Requirement For Canada




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