What Does It Mean To Dream About Rats

What Does It Mean To Dream About Rats ?

For majority of people, the first reaction on seeing a rat is remorse. This rodent is liked by very few human beings. The main reasons for the unpleasant response that this animal elicits include aspects like its ugly appearance, the nuisance that it creates in the house and the various diseases that are known to be caused by it.

However, while this may be a common response, the contrary reactions also exist. For instance, the Chinese astrological theory is full of praises for this animal. In fact, in terms of wisdom, this zodiac sign ranks first amongst all the other Chinese Zodiacs. Another title, the Year of the Rat is associated with positive terminologies like fortune and affluence.

In light of these varied perceptions, the connotation of seeing of a rat in a dream would also vary for different people. For those who are fascinated by these animals and even keep them as pets, the appearance of one in a dream could be a reflection of the positive traits linked with this animal such as intelligence, cleverness and prosperity. However, those who despise rats, the indication of a dream rat would be the contrary. The negative characteristics of this animal include its habit of gnawing, its connection with contraction of several diseases that could even result in death and its high rate of proliferation.

The interpretation of a dream rat would be one of these for those who are averse to this animal. Such a dream could either be signifying a situation in your life that is eating you up and making you restless; a physical or mental problem that is stuck to you like a disease; or a situation that is getting out of your control. Going by the common phrase ‘rat race’, such a dream could also be a signal for making you aware of the fact that you are involved in a rat race in some personal or professional matter.    

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Rats