What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fish

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fish ?

The vision of a fish is generally a positive sign. For years, fish has been considered as a symbol for the pagan Great Mother goddess. Representing the outline of the goddess’ vulva, the fish symbol is illustrated by the overlapping pattern of two crescent moons. With respect to this symbolization, this water animal has been often linked with pregnancy. In the Chinese community, fish symbolizes prosperity.

The coming of a fish in a dream is generally associated with wealth, prosperity and success. Seeing fish in clean waters indicates that the dreamer will obtain support from some affluent people. On the contrary, dead fish denotes loss of money and power. When visualized by a young woman, this animal brings the news of a good looking and able man soon walking into her life. If you see yourself catching fish in a dream and manage to do so, then success will surely come your way in real life as well. However, in reverse circumstances, it may be a sign of your efforts going futile. Wading in water and catching fish reflects circumstances of success that will be achieved only through one’s own potential.

The appearance of wild fish swimming together indicates a harmonious condition within the family. When dreams involve aquariums, it is important to note the condition of the tank. The environment within the tank is a mirror image of your own state of mind and that of the others in the family. Undernourished fish signify a personal state of being emotionally deprived or being unaware of your own intuitive powers.

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What Does It Mean When You Dream About Fish