Where Did The Zodiac Come From ?

Where Did The Zodiac Come From ?

Among the 12 zodiac signs, each of them has a unique history and where they came from.

Ever since humans realized there are other planets and stars in the sky, they realized that these planets have some kind of effect on our lives. It is believed that the different constellations that comprise the zodiac were named by the ancient Greeks somewhere between 5th and 6th century B.C.The Greeks may have got the knowledge of the constellations from the ancient Egyptians, but some experts believe that the ancient Greeks actually borrowed the names from the Sumerians and Babylonians, and then went on to give eat constellation names. They also went ahead to give explanations how different animals and people made their way into the stars.

The zodiac constellations are widely mentioned in Greek mythology. The animals that represent the zodiac signs are meant for their heroism and the other signs represent the best qualities of that particular sign. For example, the Aries originated from the Ram. The Ram was a shape made by the constellation of the stars. So, each zodiac sign has a unique constellation in the sky, and these constellations have a certain effect on our lives and future. The Taurus is the bull and can be identified looking at the tail of Europa. The bull is the animal form of Zeus which lured Europa and then took her away to Crete where she was kept as Zeus' mistress.

There is also a zodiac story entailing each of these star constellations as per Greek mythology. Gemini is the twins, while Cancer is the crab, and Leo is the lion. So, you can actually find the sign of each of the zodiac through star constellations. The stars in the sky are arranged in such a way that they form these unique constellations. If you take a pen and join the dots, which are the stars in the sky, through imaginary lines, then you can form the shapes of the star signs.

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Where Did The Zodiac Come From