Astrological Profile Of Aries  

If you check out the astrological profile of Aries, you will realize that it signifies birth as well as the realization of oneself. This is primarily because it is considered to be the first sign out of all the zodiac signs.

The people born under the sign of Aries are often described as being great leaders and having an extrovert nature. Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is considered to be go-getters who are ready to take on any eventuality that is thrown their way. It represents the birth of new things and happenings. People who are born during the period of the Aries are quite active, energetic and self-motivated.

In the zodiac, Aries is represented by the symbol of a ram. Aries have qualities that are similar to the ram. This means that they have a way of surging ahead just like a ram and have the will power to achieve things. Besides these qualities, the astrological profile of Aries also shows that people of this zodiac sign are quite outspoken and blunt besides being quite courageous and strong. Also, Aries is the exact opposite of Libra, which is represented in the zodiac by scales. While Librans tend to establish a balance between individuals, Aries are all about 'I, me and myself'. This quality can make them quite selfish, but still they happen to have a large following and social network.

The ruling planet of the sign is Mars, which according to Roman mythology was the God of War. Mars was not only courageous and bold, he was also short-tempered, impulsive and also prone to destroy things in his fit of anger. Another zodiac sign that is ruled by Mars is Scorpio. While Scorpio is considered to be feminine, Aries is masculine.

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Astrological Profile Of Aries




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Astrological Profile Of Aries )
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