Where Is The Constellation Aries Located ?  

The Aries constellation is represented by the Ram. It is located in the Northern Hemisphere. Legend has it that the golden fleece of the Ram was sought after by Jason and his Argonauts. The Vernal Equinox is the place where the sun crosses the celestial equator. This place is known as the First Point of the Aries. However, now the Vernal Equinox has moved to Pisces.

The Aries constellation can be spotted between +90° and -60°. The Constellation is best spotted during winters in the Sky. The Alpha Arietis and the following stars form the head of the sheep. It is the brightest star in the entire constellation. However, this star lies in the Taurus constellation and by itself Aries constellation does not have any bright stars. This star is called the first star of Aries constellation. This particular star is reddish color, and it is at least five times bigger than the sun.

Aries is a very difficult constellation to spot because there are no bright stars that help to locate the constellation. However, the unique characteristic is the V shaped stars in the constellation. As per Greek mythology, these four stars of Jason’s Argonauts who went after the Golden Fleece of the Ram. In the end they stole it. Once you spot these V shaped stars, then you can figure out the Aries constellation. However, the Ram has a huge face with a part of its fleece showing. It is quite difficult to spot the other stars in the constellation with the naked eye.

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Where Is The Constellation Aries Located




Who-Discovered-The-Constellation-Aries      Aries is one of the most camouflaged zodiacs of all the 12 signs. None of the stars of the constellation are bright. The brightest star of the constellation is known as the Alpha Arietis actually belongs to Taurus. It is a brightest and reddish star of the constellation. This star is spotted so that the remaining part of the Ram can be traced. The Sign of Aries after drawing will look like a jumping or a running Ram. It is best visible on the Northern Hemisphere and in December in the nights. More..




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Where Is The Constellation Aries Located ? )
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