Who Discovered The Constellation Aries ?  

Aries is one of the most camouflaged zodiacs of all the 12 signs. None of the stars of the constellation are bright. The brightest star of the constellation is known as the Alpha Arietis actually belongs to Taurus. It is a brightest and reddish star of the constellation. This star is spotted so that the remaining part of the Ram can be traced. The Sign of Aries after drawing will look like a jumping or a running Ram. It is best visible on the Northern Hemisphere and in December in the nights.

Some of the stars in Aries constellation are Alpha Arietis, Lambda Arietis, Beta Arietis, Eta Arietis, Epsilon Arietis, 41 Arietis, 35 Arietis, 39 Arietis, Gamma Arietis and Delta Arietis. When you map all these stars you will get Aries, the Ram. The first people to spot the Aries were the Greeks. In fact, it was Hippocratus who should get the credit for discovering the constellation of Aries in the 2nd century BC.

As per the legend, the Golden Ram saved two children who were about to be sacrificed due to treachery. However, Zeus sent the Ram with the Golden Fleece to save these children.

This Golden Fleece was sought after the Jason and his Argonauts. As per history the Aries was one of the first zodiac signs that the sun crossed and went to the other signs later. The vernal equinox which is used as a point of reference for the Aries now has moved to Pisces. However, it is still called the First Point of Aries. Some of the best qualities of the people born under this constellation are confidence, aggressiveness, stubbornness and impulsive.

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Who Discovered The Constellation Aries




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Who Discovered The Constellation Aries ? )
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