Best Zodiac Matches For Cancer

Best Zodiac Matches For Cancer

People born under cancer sign have their birthdates falling between 22 June and 22 July. These individuals are highly intuitive, shrewd and active. Cancerians are very attached to people whom they love -- be it family or friends. They love to associate themselves with people who have a sense of balance. Hence, it is better to avoid other fire signs of the zodiac except Leo.

In addition, zodiac signs that are associated with aggressiveness and fickle behavior are not recommended for peace loving Cancerians who love harmony around them.

One of the best recommended zodiac matches for Cancerians is Taurus. Both the signs are passionate, affectionate and loving to each other. Taurus is comparatively forthright and can be attractive to cancer who loves to be praised. Regarding the sex life of these two zodiac signs, while cancer is imaginative, Taurus is staid. However, the amorous nature of Taureans can help sex life flourish.

People who belong to Taurus zodiac sign are possessive, and it works very well with Cancerians who are clingy to their partners. Both the signs know equally how to make money and hence, both enjoy spending a lot on making their home.

Taureans and Cancerians are ambitious, hard working and career oriented. Both the individuals look for permanence, stability and security. Taurus needs would be balanced by a Cancerian, who does not show much resistance to cater to their wants. Taureans are level-headed, which works well with the moodiness of Cancer people.

Another interesting pair is the Cancer-Leo match. Leo enjoys the dependency of cancer for a fulfilling relationship.

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Best Zodiac Matches For Cancer