Personality Of Female Cancer Zodiac  

A Cancerian woman is well known for their mood swings, which are highly frequent. Though she is emotional, caring, kind and sensitive by nature, these traits get hidden in her shell and it takes quite an effort to break it open!

A Cancer female hates criticisms, and can get emotionally hurt by harsh words. She becomes hesitant on facing aggressive behavior. She does not generally make the first move in a personal relationship due to the fear of rejection.

She is highly secretive and does not like people spying at her. Though she may enjoy a lot of attention in the outside world, she is more concerned about the appreciation and attention of her partner in particular.

Cancerian women are extremely loyal to their partners and can keep her spouse happy by expressing her warmth. Their commitment to their partners is forever once she accepts the relationship. A Cancerian woman is generally a great cook.

With regards to money, she likes to save as much as she spends. She is not too stingy but does not like to be extremely extravagant. She guards things that are extremely important or sentimental to her. She is not too jealous or possessive. However, she hates sharing her love.

Cancerian women are known for their patience and determination to stick through the bad times. When they feel low in spirit, they like to be pampered. They do not like to crib and take difficulties in their stride.

Always reassure a Cancerian female about your love for her. She likes to be told she is wanted again and again!

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Personality Of Female Cancer Zodiac




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