What Signs Are Compatible With Gemini ?

What Signs Are Compatible With Gemini ?

The Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac cycle. The Gemini is known for its wittiness, gift of the gab and sophistication. They are also fun loving and extremely witty people. They love to have fun and everyday is a party for them. The Gemini is compatible with four other signs of the zodiac.

The Gemini and Libra are a set of two fun loving people. They both are passionate and share several interests together. The Gemini is talkative and so is the Libra. So, they both will end up talking a lot about each other. They will never get tired of each other. Among all the zodiac signs the Gemini and the Libra are most ideal for each other.

Gemini and Aries can get very attracted with each other till the end. The Aries is a child at heart and will never grow up no matter how old they get. The Gemini is a fun loving character and will like to live life as it is one big party. They always want to have fun and the Aries will play ball with them too.

The Gemini and Aquarius will fall in love immediately at sight, and they both are very physical in their expression. Both are very passionate people. They will share high levels of physical chemistry.

The Gemini and Leo are very affectionate towards each other and make a loving couple. They both have a balanced approach towards each other and can have a satisfactory loving relationship. They both are very intimate physically and can have an enduring relationship.

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What Signs Are Compatible With Gemini